Driven By Turmoil, Lotus Gait, Immortal Sÿnn

Fri, August 2, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

After acquiring front man Bobby Amaru in 2011, Saliva became infused with new blood, energy, and spirit. The energy launched Saliva’s career in 2001 with the release, Every Six Seconds – a certified Gold-selling album, contains this hits, “Raise Up,” and 2002 Grammy nominated, “Your Disease.”
Saliva’s in-your-face, anthemic writing style continued with a series of hits including: “Always,” “In It To Win It,” and the Nikki Sixx’s co-written, ”Rest In Pieces.” After touring the world with bands including (but not limited to), Sevendust, Aerosmith, and KISS, Saliva began shift focus toward their next studio album. This time, Saliva moves forward on their own terms.
After taking a year to write, record, and self-produce new material, Saliva became what is now a unified team. With the upcoming release titled, Love, Lies, and Therapy, the band would not be rushed or pushed into deals that were not advantageous toward the growth and expansion of Saliva as a whole. Upon adding former Shinedown and Fuel bassist, Brad Stewart, as a permanent member, Saliva solidified their new lineup consisting of: Wayne Swinny, Paul Crosby, and Amaru.
Saliva’s confidence in their new album and line-up was reaffirmed when Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) approached and signed the band to a worldwide distribution deal. Moving forward with a new management team (Moving Mountains Management/Career Artist Management) and a major label endorsement, Saliva steps back into the spotlight to claim their spot at the top of the rock charts with Love, Lies and Therapy – proving the band remains a force to be reckoned with.
“Saliva is back with a vengeance and looking toward the future without forgetting where we came from. Front man Bobby Amaru shines on our latest effort, and I am proud to share the stage with him and new bass player, Brad Stewart, each and every night on tour. Love, Lies, and Therapy stands toe-to-toe with our biggest hits and sets the stage for bigger and better things in 2016 and beyond,” says original member and lead guitarist Wayne Swinny.
Driven By Turmoil
Driven By Turmoil
The Driven By Turmoil project began in September of 2010. The two guitarists met at a chance meeting to form another band and decided to work together and build a band project. In march of 2011, they were introduced to their bass player, who eagerly wanted to be a part of what was being put down musically. In May of 2011, they found a drummer that has added to the whole feel of their heavy style. As of September of 2011, they are still in search of the fifth element singer. Together they continue to rock instrumentally at shows and keep the all original groove alive. On September 24,2011, the band will be going into the studio to cut 7 songs for a demo disc. The project continues to move forward and the groove is a must hear. We are Driven By Turmoil and we are here to rock for you!

2011 proved to be a first come out year for Driven by Turmoil. Thier gig reprituar consists of 7shows played from july 12th through the end of the year. Headed into 2012, the show schedule promises to be a must see.
Lotus Gait
Lotus Gait
A menacing merger of punk and metal, Lotus Gait nicked its name from Propagandhi and its game from a lifetime love of Slayer riffs. No frills and nothing fancy here. Just four working-class lads purging the soul-suffocating pangs of punching a clock with adrenalized odes to authenticity.
Lotus Gait is thrilled to share the release of their first 3 Track Extended Play, Sect of Serpents.
Immortal Sÿnn
Immortal Sÿnn
Immortal Sÿnn is a 5-piece heavy metal band from Denver, CO. In a sea of modern cookie-cutter acts, the band tries to retain a more familiar and old school sound that propelled bands of the 70s and 80s to superstardom. Taking their cue from thrashers such as Exodus and Megadeth, as well as NWOBHM legends like Judas Priest and Motörhead, Immortal Sÿnn creates a perfect mixture of speed and grit, but can also knock you out with mid-tempo riffs from hell.

Immortal Sÿnn was formed in 2004 by guitarist and sole original member Tony Z. After constant line-up changes and poorly-recorded demos, Tony decided to put the band on hiatus after joining Denver rock band, Phoenix Rising (later called Wild Angelz and, finally, Devoutcast), in May 2007.

Tony revived Immortal Sÿnn in July 2012 with the looming collapse of Devoutcast. He recruited Devoutcast singer Alex Giebler to record the band’s first single, “Whiskey”, in March 2013. It was an instant hit on online radio shows such as The Friday Night Feature, and received airplay on terrestrial stations such as KILO 94.3 in Colorado Springs as well as KRCX 93.9 and 107X in Denver. A completely new line-up emerged in 2015 when the band released their first EP, Barfly, with new singer, Chase McClellan. The EP contained the aforementioned single, “Whiskey”, as well as their first recorded cover, Pantera’s “We’ll Meet Again”.

The next year, a minor success came for the band when they released their cover of The Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” on youtube and itunes. August 2017 saw the band’s first full-length album, Machine Men, which departs from the groups early hard rock style and delves more into the territory of thrash and traditional metal.

Immortal Sÿnn’s goal is to bring metal to the masses, and to show the world that the sounds of yesteryear are still alive and well. They plan to embark on their first US tour in 2018 with a European excursion also being planned for that summer.
Venue Information:
Herman's Hideaway
1578 South Broadway
Denver, CO, 80210