(Hed) P. E.

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(Hed) P. E.

Fist Fight, Red Stinger, Mammothor

Sat, September 15, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$16.00 - $150.00

This event is 21 and over

(Hed) P. E.
(Hed) P. E.
Hed PE, also known as (hed) Planet Earth and stylized as (həd) p.e., is an American band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 1994.
Fist Fight
Fist Fight
Born from the Colorado metal scene, rarely does a band this versatile and powerful come about, with goals of dominating audiences and searing their blazing sound into the minds of those listening. By way of a thunderous approach, Fist Fight is a combination of numerous musical philosophies and styles which comes at you from every possible angle. Utilizing raw, yet polished techniques at the same time, they fold in a unique blend of technical ability, hardcore, grove and traditional metal riffs accompanied by punkish tones, and a level of unforeseen forceful aggression that commands notice by pounding onlookers' teeth down their throats with a take no prisoners attitude.

The initial foundation of Fist Fight was laid in December 2010 when guitarists Jon Maggard and Nich Rich began to build the band from the ground up. Bassist Adrian Montoya joined the duo in March 2011, and after trying out several drummers and
vocalists, drummer Chris Day and frontman Dustin Holmer solidified the monster collection of talent to create Fist Fight.

With decades of collective experience in the music industry, the members of Fist Fight come from an impressive resume of bands, of which a partial list includes Less Than Under, Chromax, Control Element, Guilty Of Aggression, Skapegoat and Ceverence. Their members have also performed alongside well-known bands such as Hed PE, Snot, Motograter, Hemlock, LA Guns, White Lion and Chimera, to name just a few. Through hard work and natural talent, Fist Fight is poised to set the metal world on fire with an explosive sound that, prior to the band's inception, was unheard of.

Fist Fight uses Shure Microphones, Gibson, Jackson, Epiphone and BC Rich Guitars, four and five-string Schecter Basses, Dunlop Sharp Picks, POD Pros, Mesa Boogie Amps, Peavey/Carvin Cabs, Eminence Speakers, SWR Workingman and Peavey Heads, Monster Cables, Pearl Export Series Drums, Ziljian Cymbals, Pearl Hardware, Pedalstand Evans/Aquarian Drum Heads and Vic Firth 5b Sticks.

Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard; the era of the mighty Fist Fight has just begun.
Red Stinger
Red Stinger
Red Stinger: A Rock and Roll Anomaly
Rock and roll is a living, breathing, staggering beast, and Red Stinger is the mutant appendage reaching out of its chest, straight from the heart. At the end of this arm of innovation and verve maneuvers a six-fingered hand -- deftly articulating the precision of metal, the irreverence of punk, the righteousness of rap, the ricochet of ska, the cruelty of comedy and the versatility of jazz.

Summary of the Red Stinger Sound

Red Stinger’s music marches at you in a steady lock step, raises its fists to strike, jolts to the left in a full sprint, cuts to the right in a skipping traverse and then bounds straight away -- kicking you in the face as it blasts through your head.

This vigorous blend of punk ethos, hard rock arrangements and lightning fast 16th notes is layered with an agile onslaught of rapid fire verses and fist-pumping anthems atop efficiently intricate rhythms.
Mammothor is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2012. The band’s current lineup consists of singer Travis Lowell, guitarists Josh Johnson and Dana Sharpton, bassist Lori Gangi, and drummer Nick Raby. Travis Lowell fronts the group with powerful and versatile vocals. Guitarist Josh Johnson is a Berklee Graduate and former student of guitar shred legend Joe Stump. Guitarist Dana Sharpton has studied with virtuoso guitarist Greg Howe. The dynamic and steady drum and bass section of Nick Raby and Lori Gangi fill out the band’s eclectic sound. Mammothor strives to deliver the essence of rock: the thunderous heavy metal riffs and guitar shred of the 80’s, rounded out with the passion and versatility of 90’s alternative. Mammothor has shared the stage with artists: Living Colour, Ted Nugent, Sponge, Powerman 5000, Orgy, Eve 6, Prong, Fuel, Saving Abel, and Hinder.
Mammothor is a cohesive blend of heavy metal to classic rock often mixing in elements of blues and fusion. Their style, though at times can be experimental or progressive, maintains a mainstream appeal with shorter alternative rock songs and ballads. Mammothor’s debut album “Tyrannicide’ (2014) captured the bands blues guitar savvy with an alternative rock sensibility. With the lineup changes at singer and rhythm section Mammothor has reached for new technical and sonic boundaries. The band’s follow up album “Devotion Lost” was released on April 28, 2017. Mammothor will be playing gigs in New England and on short tours throughout 2017 into 2018 in support of the album.
Venue Information:
Herman's Hideaway
1578 South Broadway
Denver, CO, 80210