Wolfpack Productions Presents


Jacob Cade, Straight Six, One Track Mind

Sat, February 3, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Current Members:
Simon Daniels: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Lynch: Lead Guitar
Randy Rand: Bass, Vocals
Marc Wieland: Drums

Former Members:
Steve Plunkett: Lead Vocals, Guitar & keyboards
T.J. Helmerich: Lead Guitar
Lance Morrison: Bass
Matt Laug: Drums
Keni Richards: Drums
Steven Isham: Keyboards, Vocals
Jacob Cade
Jacob Cade
It would be impossible to walk away from a Jacob Cade performance without being overwhelmed by the sheer energy he brings to the stage. Mixing old school rock and roll guitar shredding with dance moves straight out of modern pop, Jacob has tapped into a style that is unique and unexpected.

The multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter knew a life in music was in his future ever since he was eight-years-old when he watched Jimmy Page’s electric performance in the Led Zeppelin film, The Song Remains the Same. His band, Jacob Cade Project, has since gone on to perform at venues throughout Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.

Jacob recently finished recording his new EP, a project that took him to Nashville where he worked alongside one of the music industry’s most iconic producers: Michael Wagener. Wagener is known for his work on some of the most influential albums of all-time, including Master of Puppets for Metallica, No More Tears for Ozzy Osbourne, and Look What the Cat Dragged In for Poison. The EP, set to be released in January 2018, is the follow-up effort to Jacob’s debut album, Prince of Rock N Roll, which was released in 2015.

Away from music, Jacob is an avid supporter of organizations benefitting children battling cancer. It is a cause he has been passionate about ever since his sister was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15. He has since jumped at opportunities to donate his time and artistic talents to child and teen cancer patients. Jacob is also a member of his high school soccer and track teams and enjoys playing pick-up games of basketball and football. During his downtime, he can be found watching Star Wars and James Bond movies, playing Call of Duty and Marvel vs Capcom, and checking out the latest fashion trends on Instagram.
One Track Mind
One Track Mind
Venue Information:
Herman's Hideaway
1578 South Broadway
Denver, CO, 80210