House Engineer/System Tech: Danny Giltinan,, 970-402-1450
(5x) SLS 115RT two-way boxes, two per side and one zone.  Each cabinet is loaded with one B&C 15” and one PRD1000 ribbon HF driver.
(3x) SLS 218EL dual 18” vented boxes
HF – Ashley Mosfet
Mid/Low – QSC  Powerlite 4.0
Subs – Crest 9200
X-over/Processing – (3x) Electro-Voice DX-38
Soundcraft Series Two 40 ch., 8 groups, L/R, mono subs, 8 aux, 2 matrix
FOH Processing/FX:
Klark Teknik DN360 House EQ (stereo buss)
ART HD31 Subs EQ (mono buss)
(5x) 10 channels of dbx 266XL Comp/Gate
(1x) Yamaha REV500 and (1x) Yamaha SPX 990 Multi FX
(1x) Shure Beta 52, (4x) Shure SM-57, (5x) Shure SM-58, (2x) Shure KSM-109
(1x) Audix D6
(1x) EV 868 N/D, (2x) EV 468 N/D, (2x) EV 767 N/D
(3x) Sennheiser e604
(1x) Heil PR-22
Monitors: – Mixed from FOH -
Five mixes + *one in-ear send
(5x) EV 112 two-way wedges
(1x) EV ELX-118 sub, for mix 5 (drummer mix)
Monitor EQ – Ashley Protēa digital, 6 ch.
Monitor Amps – QSC Powerlite 1.6HVX, Crest 9200 for drum sub
* If your band needs more than one in-ear send, you will need to provide your own splits and mixer.  Also, you will need to advance with a technical rider, specifying the set-up, so that adequate time can be planned for you.  Questions regarding technical information, please contact:
Recording: We have a split snake running to the basement that interfaces with Pro Tools for multi-tracking your performance.  For info, contact Tyler