Raven's Heavy Metal Birthday

Raven and Shellie Present: Benefit Show and Art Raffle for the Homeless

Raven's Heavy Metal Birthday

DETH NDK, The Dead Lotus Society, Conquer Everest, Blue Collar Killers, Midgard, The Desoulators

Sun, April 13, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:15 pm

$5.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Genre Crossover/Punk/Thrashcore
Members Donovan - Guitar
Andie - Guitar
Jerry - Bass
Dylan - Vocals
Pat - Drums
Jonny - Vocals
The Dead Lotus Society
The Dead Lotus Society
Fronted by femme metal vocalist, Hyatt, The Dead Lotus Society gives birth to some sort of cesspool with the verbiage of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. With a growing number of Hot Topic shows and expanding their performances across Colorado and Texas, you can expect to hear the mantra of these Lotus Eaters spread like a plague. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Oh, and we mean it when we say "Teddy Bear Massacre".
Conquer Everest
Conquer Everest
Reigning from Littleton, Colorado, Conquer Everest is derived of four great friends with mutual desires to create heavy and positive music. Their passion for their music is best witnessed on stage, referring to their high energy shows. Their love for heavy music and promoting positivity will always take precedence over the lifestyle. Conquer Everest intends on being present in the Colorado music scene for years to come. Visit their facebook page for music and show dates at: facebook.com/ConquerEverestBand. (CE = Local Metal Supporters)
Blue Collar Killers
Mile High Hardcore/Thrash/Metal from Denver, CO
We were brought to the planet Earth to prepare ALL for the future to come.
We describe our unique style of music as "Mile High Hardcore." With influences like Madball, Sworn Enemy, Slugfest, Terror, Lamd of God, Mastadon, Pennywise, All Out War, Agnostic Front, and Megadeth, we combine it all into our very own catchy, thrashing, hardcore style. Listen for yourself.
From Denver, Colorado, hails MIDGARD with their innovative style of powerful, melodic extreme metal. Formed in March of 2000 the band has been perfecting their brand of complex brutal riffs mixed with catchy melodies and the vocals that range from melodic clean singing to the unearthy black metal shrieks. The release of the debut EP titled "Within The Darkness" and subsequent live performances saw the band perfect their art of melodic atmospheric aggression, while gathering a number of enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine called MIDGARD's music "...pure extreme seduction", and the band's song "Failure Of Utopia" was featured on its "Knuckletracks" compilation alongside tracks from Dio, Manowar, Origin, and the other national bands. Mixing the best elements of power, thrash, death, black, doom, and progressive metal into one explosive charge, along with the classical and folk elements, MIDGARD's music is unique, but undeniably 101 proof metal. Powerful riffs and catchy melodies come together with the aggressive rhythm section and a singer who employs a variety of vocal styles. This is the new face of American melodic death metal--are you ready?

The band:
Alex Shalenko
Lead Vocals
Andrew Alikhanov
Brent Fox
Bass Guitar
Boyd Fox
The Desoulators
The Desoulators
Four piece from Denver, CO Metalcore Hardcore old school meets new school. Justin-vox Ryan-stix Dave-bass Jon-strings. Always playing, always writing. Justin screams and his dynamic growls will shake anyone's bones. We always bring it.
Venue Information:
Herman's Hideaway
1578 South Broadway
Denver, CO, 80210