Looking to Book your band at Herman’s? – Please fill out the online Booking form so we can better serve you.

Herman’s Hideaway is a fantastic venue for bands to play. We have a world class sound system, big stage and dance floor, excellent beer selection, free parking and we are centrally located blocks from I-25 and Broadway, etc.

If you are interested in getting booked here you should follow these easy steps:

1. FIRST fill out this FORM with all your relevant band information.
(follow the booking link above if you’re here already)
2. If you cannot fill out the online form our mailing address is: 1578 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
3. You can also drop off your material at the bar during the hours of 7pm – 2am Wed-Sat
4. Please follow up via e-mail or our booking line at 303-777-2535. We try to get to everyone, but we get tons of demos, and even more phone calls and emails.

Attention Local Bands! – If you are a local band, here are some *important* things to keep in mind:

You are responsible for bringing customers to the club on the night of your show. That means you must promote your band, and bring paying customers to the club to see you play. If we give you a show and it is not well attended (rule of thumb – at least 15 customers per band member)… If you pack our club, we will love you! **See Promotion 101 below**

Be nice! As the saying goes, you get more bees with honey than vinegar – Meaning if you are friendly, chill and super nice, you will be that much more desirable to us when we are looking for bands to book. A bad attitude is enough to make us never want to have anything to do with you again… sorry, but it’s true!

How will we know you are friendly? We see you at our bar, supporting the scene and original music!

If you see a night on our calendar you would fit on, let us know. If you have an idea for a full line up for your show, let us know that too! While everyone would like to headline a Friday or Saturday, we would appreciate more business on weeknights, so don’t be afraid to take a show on one of those dates.


Promotions 101

Playing a show isn’t as simple as showing up and plugging in. We ask that ALL bands promote their shows as best as possible. After all, it’s you on stage- why not have a full room in front of you? Here are some quick tips on how to work it:
1. Use the discounted tickets that we will have printed and make POSTERS and HANDBILLS to bring to the club at LEAST 3 weeks before the show. If it is much later than that, it will make us very crabby. Please give them to the door-person or bartender rather than hanging them yourself. While you’re at it, make them attractive and legible. Don’t stop there, flyer everywhere you can. We regularly send a mailing to our mailing list and local calendar listings but you should supplement that the best you can. Bring your handbills to shows you are attending, hand them out there.
2. Tell everyone you know to come see you play. Don’t play more shows then your crowd will support. Meaning we don’t want you to schedule a how for the 3 weeks before or after your show at Herman’s.
3. In this day and age of cyberspace and Facebook, make sure your band has an online presence! The more buzz, the better. Family, friends, etc. – they’re all potential fans. Don’t underestimate word of mouth promotions!
4. Contact the press.
5. Do all you can to get information to local record stores, shops and watering holes… in other words DROP TIX/FLYER! DROP TIX/FLYER! DROP TIX/FLYER!
5. When you get the point that you are playing weekend shows with us, we will set up an events page on Facebook for every weekend show that we will expect you to utilize and promote your show. That events page can be used to communicate with your “fans” and to post photos, discount tickets, youtube videos etc! We do this because the more people we get through the door, the more money your band will make and vice versa. Meaning: Help us help you!

Herman’s is available for Private Parties, Wedding Receptions, Meetings and other events. Please contact Mike@hermanshideaway.com or call 303-777-2535 with inquiries.

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If you have questions about the sound system , sound check or anything else sound related please email: sound@hermanshideaway.com

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